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Counselors at a student's primary school of enrollment will provide academic advising and career counseling. D3 My Way staff will assist in this process when appropriate and are also available to support students with academic, emotional, and social concerns. All students interested in applying to D3 My Way must meet with their counselor to complete an application. 

High School Counselors
Counselor School Student Assignment Contact Info
Sandy Elliott DHS All Students elliotts@wsd3.org
Emily Kreiger MRHS Last Name A-D kreigeremily@wsd3.org
Nicole Young MRHS Last Name E-J youngn@wsd3.org
Marta Schmuki MRHS Last Name K-Q schmukim@wsd3.org
Regina Shea MRHS Last Name R-Z shear@wsd3.org
Ben Baldwin WHS Grade 9 baldwinb@wsd3.org
Emily Christensen WHS Grade 10 christensene@wsd3.org
Greg Morris WHS Grade 11 morrisgreg@wsd3.org
Thaddeus Hall WHS Grade 12 hallt@wsd3.org


Middle School Counselors
Counselor School Student Assignment Contact Info
Erin Murphy Janitell Last Name A-K murphye@wsd3.org
Kari Wilson Janitell Last Name L-Z wilsonkari@wsd3.org
Nicole Rose Sproul Last Name A-M rosen@wsd3.org
Ruth Coward Sproul Last Name L-Z cowardr@wsd3.org
Nora Andrews Watson Last Name A-L andrewsa@wsd3.org
Lindsay Jones Watson Last Name M-Z jonesl@wsd3.org
Taylor Moore Grand Mountain All Students mooretaylor@wsd3.org


Elementary Counselors
Counselor School Student Assignment Contact Info
Crystal Hagedorn French Elementary All Students hagedornc@wsd3.org
Cynthia Stebbins MLK Elementary All Students stebbinsc@wsd3.org
Darlene Monson Pinello Elementary All Students monsond@wsd3.org
Katie Bratt Sunrise Elementary All Students brattk@wsd3.org
Tulia Dinea Sunrise Elementary All Students dineat@wsd3.org
Ryan Raduege Talbott Elementary All Students radueger@wsd3.org
Dana Woods Venetucci Elementary All Students woodsdana@wsd3.org
Maria Ciarletta Webster Elementary All Students ciarlettam@wsd3.org
Jennifer Donato Widefield Elementary All Students donatoj@wsd3.org