Selected News

D3 My Way Virtual School!

In response to the increased need for a virtual educational option, D3 My Way has transitioned from an online program to an online school starting with the 2021-2022 school year.  D3 My Way Virtual School provides a personalized learning experience for students grades K-12. Students decide which learning model works best for them (Virtual Model or Enrichment Virtual Model) allowing students and their families to choose which educational structure will best meet their needs. Students who want an educational experience completely online can enroll in the Virtual Model. Students who wish to participate in in-building enrichment activities one or two days per week at the D3 My Way Learning Center can choose the Enriched Virtual Model. 

D3 My Way Virtual School provides students access to rigorous online curriculum available 24/7. All D3 My Way classes are supported by a full time D3 My Way teacher intentionally trained in online instruction.  D3 My Way combines opportunities for academic support, enrichment activities, experiential learning, and social-emotional skills development. D3 My Way Virtual School is a learning option that supports students who wish to learn all or mostly from home, have flexibility to pursue interests outside the educational setting, develop 21st century learning skills, and take ownership of their educational experience.