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Spotlight Student Mirella

Today's D3 My Way Spotlight Student is Mirella. Mirella was nominated by her D3 My Way 6th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Armstrong.  This is what Mr. Armstrong had to say about Mirella:

"She exemplifies what it means to be an e-learning student. She comes to open office hours, sometimes just to say 'hi' and see how I'm doing. She turns in quality work, oftentimes being featured in my own weekly "Words of Wisdom/Student Spotlight" slide. Her work is typically exemplary, and I use it frequently to show her classmates what "A-quality" work looks like. Whenever she has questions, she reaches out to ask for meaningful help, i.e., she doesn't just ask for answers but how to find answers."

Congratulations, Mirella! Keep up the good work!