D3 My Way Mission

D3 My Way provides comprehensive and individualized instruction for 21st century learners within a safe and flexible blended learning environment using innovative learning platforms, personalized by highly-qualified teachers, to create an educational experience that prepares learners to positively engage in their communities.

D3 My Way Learning Center

930 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Phone: 719-391-3080

Email: [email protected]

What You Need to Know About D3 My Way

What is Blended Learning?

The blended learning format at D3 My Way combines online curriculum with face-to-face Instruction both supported by highly-qualified licensed teachers. Students complete the majority of their coursework online using Odysseyware--an award winning online learning platform. Online learning is supplemented by Connection Days. Connection Days are an opportunity for students to interact with teachers at the D3MW Learning Center. During Connection Days, students receive individualized instruction and support from teachers, participate in small groups, and attend workshops: in-person lessons provided by teachers that include targeted instruction, experiential activities, and peer interaction. High School students are required to attend one Connection Day per week, Middle School students are required to attend three Connection Days per week, and Elementary Students are required to attend two Connection Days per week.





Program Information

D3 My Way is a great option for students who are looking for an alternative to the traditional learning environment. Students enjoy the flexibility online learning offers while benefiting from the in-person support of D3 My Way teachers on Connection Days. Students are responsible to log into their online courses each academic day, though they can choose where to login and what time of the day works best for them. Each student is assigned an advisory teacher who helps support student success and provides parents with feedback on student progress. Parents also receive access to student's online courses to help monitor student progress from home.

Students who are typically successful at D3 My Way are students who are internally motivated, manage their time well, prefer a smaller learning environment, seek support when needed, and receive consistent guidance from parents. 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

D3 My Way enrolls students grades 3-12. In order for a student to be enrolled at D3 My Way, they must also be enrolled in another school in Widefield School District 3. Because D3 My Way serves as an alternative program in WSD3, it is not considered the primary enrollment for students. Students continue to be enrolled at their primary school of enrollment while attending D3 My Way. Students may take courses and participate in extracurricular activities at their primary school of enrollment if the student chooses. 

Students with 504 plans are eligible to attend D3 My Way if the student's accommodations can be reasonably met by the blended learning environment offered at D3 My Way. 

Because D3 My Way is a program and not a school, D3 My Way does not provide Special Education services. If a student with an IEP wishes to attend D3 My Way, the student's special education team must meet to discuss if D3 My Way is a good option for the student. All SPED services will be met by the primary school of enrollment if a student with an IEP attends D3 My Way. 

Application Process

  • Complete the student/parent application
  • Meet with counselor at student's primary school of enrollment
  • The counselor will send the application to D3 My Way
  • If a student is accepted, they must attend an orientation with a parent in addition to a student only orientation before starting classes


Course Information