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Who Can Apply?

D3 My Way enrolls students grades K-12. In order for a student to be enrolled at D3 My Way, they must also be enrolled in another school in Widefield School District 3. Because D3 My Way serves as an alternative program in WSD3, it is not considered the primary enrollment for students. Students continue to be enrolled at their primary school of enrollment while attending D3 My Way. Students may take courses and participate in extracurricular activities at their primary school of enrollment if the student chooses. 

Students with 504 plans are eligible to attend D3 My Way if the student's accommodations can be reasonably met by the blended learning environment offered at D3 My Way. 

Because D3 My Way is a program and not a school, D3 My Way does not provide Special Education services. If a student with an IEP wishes to attend D3 My Way, the student's special education team must meet to discuss if D3 My Way is a good option for the student. All SPED services will be met by the primary school of enrollment if a student with an IEP attends D3 My Way. 

Application Process

  • Contact your student's counselor at their current school of enrollment. Please contact the D3 My Way program facilitator as well of your interest in the D3 My Way program at johnsoncaroline@wsd3.org. 
  • You may either submit a completed hard copy of the student application to your child's school counselor or D3 My Way will email an online application to your student once we have received the counselor recommendation form
  • Once D3 My Way receives both the counselor recommendation form and student application, the application with be formally processed
  • If a student is accepted, they must attend an orientation with a parent in addition to a student only orientation before starting classes

Application Forms

High School Student Application: D3MWHSStudentApplication20-21.pdf

Middle School Student Application: D3MWMSStudentApplication20-21.pdf

Elementary School Student Application: ElementaryStudentApplication20-21.pdf

For More Information Call the D3 My Way office at 719-391-3080