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Connection Days

D3 My Way will offer Connection Days virtually during the Fall 2020 semester. Students will be required login online to attend virtual live sessions with their teachers throughout the week. 

D3 My Way High School Virtual Connection Day Schedule: D3MWHighSchoolVirtualClassSchedul.xlsx


D3 My Way Middle School Virtual Connection Day Schedule: MSD3MWDetailedSchedule.xlsx

In addition to accessing curriculum online, D3 My Way students are required to attend classes at the Learning Center on Connection Days. During Connection Days, students receive individualized instruction and support from teachers, participate in small groups, and attend workshops. Workshops are in-person lessons provided by teachers that include targeted instruction, experiential activities, and peer interaction. High School students are required to attend one Connection Day per week, Middle School students are required to attend two Connection Days per week, and Elementary Students are required to attend two Connection Days per week. 

See the below video to learn more about Connection Days at D3 My Way: 

Connection Days at D3 My Way

Video where D3 My Way teachers discussĀ  D3 My Way, blended learning, and the different program components.