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Can my child complete all of their courses online? 

Typically, D3 My Way is formatted as a blended learning program meaning that students complete the majority of their work online with one or two in-building sessions required per week. In response to COVID-19, D3 My Way will offer Connection Days virtually for the Fall 2020 semester. If D3 My Way transitions back to in-building Connection Days for the Spring 2020 semester, parents will still have the option for their child to complete all coursework online. 

How is D3 My Way different from homeschooling?

D3 My Way is a program within WSD3 that allows students to receive their education at home via a virtual platform. D3 My Way provides the curriculum for students. In addition, a D3 My Way teacher grades, gives feedback, and offers support via email, phone, and video-conferencing. When a parent chooses to homeschool their child, the parent is responsible for providing the curriculum and instruction for their child without the support of a WSD3 teacher. 

What grades can enroll at D3 My Way? 

D3 My Way enrolls students K-12. 

Will my high school student still be able to graduate? 

Your student continues to be enrolled at their primary school of enrollment (WHS, MRHS, & DHS) while enrolled at D3 My Way. All final grades for credits earned through the D3 My Way program are added to your child's transcript from their primary school of enrollment. If you child is a senior, they will still graduate with a WHS, MRHS, or DHS diploma and can participate in graduation. 

What if my child wants to participate in clubs, electives, or sports? 

Due to COVID-19 and the need to cohort students, elementary and middle school students will not be able to participate in electives at their primary school of enrollment. High School students should contact their school counselor about specifics regarding in-building courses. 

What school supplies will my child need if they enroll in the D3 My Way program? 

Your child will need access to the internet and an electronic device (laptop, chromebook, tablet, etc) in order to complete their D3 My Way coursework from home. D3 My Way has a limited number of electronic devices to check-out to students. If you do not have an electronic device for your child, D3 My Way will do our best to provide your child with a device. 

Are teachers available to support my child? 

D3 My Way teachers are available during school hours 8:00am-4:00pm to support your child virtually via email, phone, and video-conferencing. Teachers do their best to respond to the needs of students the same school day they are contacted. If your child needs help in a course, we suggest they contact their teacher and then move on to another course until the teacher is able to provide support. 

Is the curriculum the same as the primary school of enrollment? 

D3 My Way purchases curriculum through Accelerate Education that is specifically designed for virtual instruction. Accelerate Education curriculum is aligned with Colorado standards. While the curriculum is not the same as what is taught in the brick and mortar schools, the standards and skills taught are the same. Your child will be able to easily transition back to the primary school of enrollment at the semester or end of the school year as they are acquiring the same grade-level skills.  

Will my child be required to be online and working on assignment for the entire school day? 

D3 My Way students are required to work online in their courses at least 1 hour per school day in addition to participating with live sessions with their teachers. While total time online needed varies, elementary students should be spending 2-3 hours online, middle school students 3-4 hours, and high school students 4-5 hours. Other than required live sessions, students can choose what time of day to complete their online coursework. 


For More Information call the D3 My Way office at 719-391-3080