Secondary Students

D3 My Way Virtual School Secondary Student Info

D3 My Way Virtual School designates students grades 6-8 in the middle school cohort and grades 9-12 in our high school cohort. Secondary students at D3 My Way Virtual School experience a personalized learning experience that is flexible to meet their needs. D3 My Way Virtual School offers the following for secondary students: 

  • A flexible schedule to allow time to engage in other commitments (sports, work, internships, etc)

  • A virtual educational experience with the potential for one or two in-building sessions per week for students who choose the Enriched Virtual Learning Model

  • A learning environment that allows for flexible seating, choice in activities for the day, and opportunities for individualized support from teachers

  • An opportunity for students to actively develop 21st century learning skills such as: technology literacy, problem solving, creativity, & collaboration.